The BeautyBeing Program teaches you to address the root of any given perceived problem or desired change. The root is always emotional and there are effective and ancient ways of resetting which are at the basis of my beauty method

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Think about the saying everywhere you go you take yourself with you. Let’s say you believe larger lips will make you beautiful so, you go ahead and pay the cheap price of $200 to get injections. But what you’ll find is while the lips are larger the insecurity still exists and perhaps is compounded with fear about the damage to your health you have introduced by choosing a cosmetic procedure. The emotional unrest cannot be cleared up by taking physical action unless you are in a high vibrational state. I can teach you to truly align with beauty so that it constitutes your being. The methods and practices which I have developed and combined are safe, free of toxic substance and there’s no risk of ruining your body, health or further eroding your self image.

Once we establish the emotional foundation from which you can access beauty I show you how to eatBeauty - which is how to align ur body with all that you are wanting to manifest conditionally. The side effects are wellbeing, vitality, clean energy, balanced hormonal system and self sufficiency. It’s a definite win win and it’s pretty delicious too. 

My passion for upliftment started as a teenager when I helped my friend and I overcome our eating disorders with my very fist application of eatBeauty. My interest has only grown and my knowledge deepened in the field of healing, health and emotions. Women and men are bombarded with unhealthy concepts of beauty and success which take their toll and leave us low and confused. It is my highest pleasure to empower those who are seeking self improvement and in this way do my part to make the world a better and better place.