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when food is delicious, rich, aromatic, diverse, pleasing in texture.  it accomplishes the first criteria of eat beauty which is to provide you with an uplifting emotional shift. 

the second criteria is that the food be medicinal. eating it can improve collagen, color, moisture, and digestion enhancing your appearance. 

eat beauty - is to eat yummy, rich, abundant in flavor and attitude. 

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to eat beauty is to align with your beautybeingness. you are wellbeingness as you are beautybeingness. when you eat something delicious your emotion heightens - your feeling is happiness. and it doesn’t matter how bad you feel before you eat - when you realize the flavor you get happy, you feel good, giddy, energetic, excited - many people say mmmm or do little dances. others get very quiet and hmmmmmm steady and elated - satisfied, satisfied, satisfied. if you understand beauty vibrationally you come to understand that just like wellbeingness it’s you stressed that creates the circumstances of illness and ugliness. so, you satisfied is the best case scenario to invite beautybeingness and wellbeingness. you are satisfied, you are in self love. in self love and satisfied. that good feeling means your emotional state is stable and high and so is your vibrational output. meaning you match up with a reality that satisfies you as you create it. 

pretty delicious huh?



to eat beauty is to eat delicious food that has the benefits of clinical beauty treatments. beauty food works without the complexities of science and nutrition. it works because it causes an emotional shift towards happiness. and the benefits of eating beauty demonstatre themselves more and more over time - as you teach yourself new beliefs and feelings. 

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