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eat what I eat, eatBeauty 
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we appreciate you.

your patronage has never been so directly helpful to maintaining local, sustainable business.

What if you could eat beauty, boost your immunity and brain function with every meal of the day. What if you could be healthier and happier by enjoying delicious food at home. What if you could support sustainable agriculture, clean air and  culture by buying from a SHOP which is there to nourish you and your loved ones. Well the amazing thing is you can. 


My name is Dalia Martinez. I’m the owner

and chef of The Naked Pig & Flower + Bone Beauty.

My purpose has always been to feed people nutritious food and nutritious ideas. In these unprecedented times it is my mission to empower you with all the tools to boost your wellness and enjoy life. I believe that we are merely borrowing our bodies from mother earth. By living well and making clean/educated food choices we are caring for ourselves as well as the planet.


Many have asked me what I eat and how I maintain my body & appearance. The truth is I eat what I serve at my restaurant but I also use the pantry I have created to supplement my every meal so that each time I eat I'm giving myself a Beauty treatment. I call this concept EatBeauty. EatBeauty is focused on improving collagen, color, moisture, and digestion enhancing your appearance and working with your hormone cycles to maximize your human design. Many of these items are available for retail within the restaurant/SHOP.


If your interested in eating what I eat: items which I make for myself weekly like pate, bone broth, quinoa pilaf, slaw, medicinal nettle pesto, flower waters, hooch dressings, cauliflower béchamel. Please sign up to receive the information about placing orders with me directly.

Thank you for living well. Nothing in dreams or life is impossible.

much love & good food forever

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